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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 November 2007, 21:45 GMT
Banqueting society exiled from
Cambridge college
The society is believed to hold lavish dinners.
The mysterious Alternative Banqueting Society of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge has been banned from the college premises.

Corpus Christi College has just appointed its fourth master in 18 months, but sources from within the college deny that the two issues are related.

A society spokesperson admitted to disappointment at the decision and maintained that the society had not been exercising undue influence within the college.

She also declared: "This will not be the end of the society, we already have plans to convene again in a private house."

We are hopeful that we have not eaten our last dinner in the Old House
The Architect

This private house, codenamed "Random Orchid", is widely thought to be 114, Richmond Road, situated to the NW of the city centre.

The banqueting society has a history of providing large formal dinners for its members, but the details are shrouded in mystery.

A source close to the society said: "Just because we have had to find a new venue doesn't mean our standards will slip." This is thought to mean that the dinner will be black tie, so university gowns will not be worn.

It is expected that the exile will end when the current Master, Professor Oliver Rackham, stands down. A figure calling himself "The Architect" said: "Admittedly when we meet at 7:30 on the 24th of November we will not be in college, but we are hopeful that we have not eaten our last dinner in the Old House."

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